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Thoughts from the Owner


I spoke to a client recently who had interviewed 4 DJs and just couldn’t find someone to meet her needs. She searched the internet for highly reviewed DJs along with referrals from friends and family and then set up meetings with each of them to interview. She said to me,

“I just don’t know why it’s so hard to find a good DJ - they all sound the same!”

When I asked her what questions she asked prior to setting up the meetings, she then replied, “I read their profiles and then I met with them to get to know them.” She was on the right path, but I could see why it was difficult for her.

Every DJ I have ever interviewed as an owner of a DJ company has said the same thing to me…”I will get people on the dance floor, I am not cheesy, I don’t talk very much, I’ve done a bunch of weddings."

This begs the question ... why do people still see DJs who are not very good? It is due to a DJ’s inability to find out the expectations of the client and being able to meet them. So just ask all the right questions and you will be all set right? Not quite.

One great aspect of Black Tie Entertainment is we have someone who will objectively qualify the right DJ for you and we call that person a booking agent.

A booking agent can fill the gap between what the DJ THINKS they can do and your expectations for your big day. The agent is your voice, your filter, your advocate and wants you to be happy.

Here are some things we know about your DJ that you probably won't know for certain until after your event:

  • How well can the DJ control a room and do they have a good presence on the microphone?

  • How well trained is the DJ and how good is the DJ and keeping up with the latest trends and music?

  • How organized is the DJ?

  • How well does the DJ follow directions or follow through with your requests?

  • Is the DJ experienced enough to give you suggestions when needed?

  • How good is the DJ at reading a crowd and keeping your dance floor packed?

  • How cooperative is the DJ with other vendors?

  • Can your DJ step in and play the role of an event coordinator if you don’t have one?

Of course, you can certainly ask other DJs directly, but our experience is that most DJs struggle with communicating deeper than ”I will get people on the dance floor, I am not cheesy, I don’t talk very much, I’ve done a bunch of weddings."

Again, this is one of many benefits selecting Black Tie brings our clients. We would love it if you felt the same way.

CLICK HERE to receive a quick call from one of our booking agents so we can take care of you.

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