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Event Coordination

There are some great wedding planners and coordinators in the area and we work with all most of them on a regular basis. We added wedding coordination services to our portfolio of professional services so we could keep everything "in house".  This also makes it MUCH more affordable for you and accomplishes the same goal of providing clients with complete services needed to make their wedding day flow smoothly.

There is a huge benefit when the coordinator and the DJ work together on a regular basis.  Our coordinators have not only worked with all the DJs in the Black Tie Entertainment family, but we share the same online planning tools and quality controls that cannot be duplicated.

What's included?

Duties prior to the wedding day

  • Meetings

    • Initial meeting (45-60 days prior) - discuss all details regarding vendors, decor, theme, set up, tear down, timeline, floor plan, etc.

    • Venue walkthrough either in person or virtually depending on scheduling

    • Final review 7-10 days prior, to confirm all details before looping in all other vendors with final timeline details

    • Rehearsal - usually the day before the wedding (typically an hour long) to run through exactly how the ceremony will look on the day of the wedding. 

  • Review of all vendor contracts to ensure efficient timing for the day

  • Create weather contingency plan (if applicable)

Day of the wedding duties

  • Arrive at the venue when the first vendor is expected to arrive (except hair and makeup), and act as point of contact througout the wedding.

  • Collect all items needed for the wedding day including personal items, decorations, etc. and transport to the specific location. 

  • Distribution of bouquets, corsages, ring pillow, and flower baskets and/or pinning on of boutonnieres and corsages.

  • Help Bride into her gown

  • Coordinate with all vendors and keep everything on track to ensure timeline runs according to the plan

  • Check that marriage license and rings are present for the ceremony

  • Instruct ushers on family seating and timing

  • Guide the wedding party through the processional and recessional

  • Assist with bustling the dress, outfit changes, bathroom breaks, etc.

  • Transfer guest book to reception

  • Place any and all pre-assembled decor (we are a substitute for your florist or decorator)

  • Facilitate your send off if you plan to have one

  • Pack up any personal belongings and leave them in a designated area (storage room, getaway car, etc) 

  • Handle any last-minute emergencies

  • Distribute final payments or tips as needed

  • I will be the last vendor to leave, once everything is good to go!

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