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3 Questions You Should Ask Before You Hire A Wedding DJ + Common Mistakes to Avoid

Black Tie Entertainment has been in the wedding industry in Virginia for over 40 years, and have done countless weddings. There's a couple things to look for when choosing a DJ for your wedding and also knowing how to pick out the DJs who will help you on the day of compared to the one's who are just going to press buttons. Here are three questions you should ask yourself before hiring a DJ for your wedding day. Bonus! We'll also tell you the common mistakes to avoid when looking to hire a DJ.

1. Can Your DJ Coordinate?

Black Tie Entertainment has got you covered with coordination on the day of your wedding. Our most experienced DJs have the ability to coordinate with you and your vendors make sure your event runs smoothly. The timeline is important because there's so much that happens on the day of the wedding, so having the right DJ to help coordinate with the venue or your coordinator is a huge plus. Our most experienced DJs are able to help with this, but if you don't need the extra coordination that's fine too. This will help in all areas of your day, from the ceremony all the way up until the final song at your reception! To see our full list of DJs for your wedding, Click Here.

2. How Should a DJ Work with Other Vendors?

We have 25 professional DJs/MCs on staff for you to choose from, and all of our DJs work with the vendors prior to the big day and on the day of the event. This includes, the venue, caterer, videographer, photographer, coordinator, officiant, etc. This is to make sure everyone is in place and ready for those important moments, so no one is left out to do their job. This may seem minor but on the day of the event, every vendor involved highly appreciates it. This is how we can perform at our best while everyone else can too!

Specifics with Videographers

We've had wedding videographers mention how we are highly rated compared to other wedding DJs based on our level of experience and professionalism. Videographers often have to tap into the DJ's sound board to capture important audio like, vows, speeches, and toasts, so it's important that the audio comes out clear and crisp. Here are what some videographers are saying...

"THANK YOU for the GREAT DJ's I have recently worked with from your company. They were super friendly. They were super professional. They had the right equipment for the job, and allowed me to plug into their system for a live audio feed, which I ALWAYS need for video. The audio feed was high quality with no hissess or was very clean and usable for the most part. This is very important because the bride and groom will watch, listen, and RELIVE all the important audio moments again and again when they view their film. GREAT AUDIO IS SO's not always about blasting it loud so everyone has a good time on the dance floor. I love working with your professionals anytime I have the chance. Keep up the great work in providing high quality DJ's that are well trained, and well equipped. They not only make a difference on the day of the wedding, but also help to give the bride and groom an incredible video because of the quality of sound they provide to me as a videographer.

Thanks again, and I look forward to working with Black Tie Entertainment as often as I can!"

Quality audio at weddings is one of the most important aspects to video, and as a wedding videographer there's nothing worse than missing the vows or toasts when the bride and groom want those things captured. I have worked with other sound people/Djs who have said I can't plug in simply because they didn't know what they were doing, and as a result that video wasn't as high quality as it could have been. Sound is half the viewing experience, and I refer Black Tie Entertainment for all my weddings because I love working with all of the DJs since they are so professional and have years of experience. I hope to work with Black Tie's Dj's in the future!

3. Will Your DJ Communicate with Your Family, Friends and Bridal Party?

Our DJs communicate with your family, friends and bridal party during the ceremony and into the reception to make sure everyone who is involved is ready before we make announcements. This includes getting the bridal party lined up before doing introductions for the reception, and making sure everyone is there before starting. Another example is during toasts and speeches, making sure that mom, dad, or your best friend is ready to make those speeches and when to announce at the right time. The last thing you need is the DJ announcing someone to do something, only for them to be out of the room... things can get pretty awkward. We have been around for a while, so we know how to avoid those awkward moments.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring A DJ

Look out for those DJs that don't communicate with you and the important people on the day of your wedding, this could be a telltale sign that a DJ isn't professional and can lack experience. Also take note if the DJ is talking into the microphone a lot, they probably just like to hear the sound of his/her own voice. This isn't always so easy to spot, but do your research and find out how they perform at weddings or special events either on social media, at a friend's wedding, or a special event you're invited to.

Would you want to chance missing a special moment based on the DJ that you hire?

During these uncertain times, we want to make sure you can book with confidence. That's why we want to address all of your questions and concerns in order to be transparent. If you have a question and we haven't answered it, reach out to us by clicking here.

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