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5 Easy Ways to Make Your Wedding Unique and Unforgettable!

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Want to know how to make your wedding unique and unforgettable for you and your guests? Here are five easy ways to make sure your wedding isn't boring!

Your wedding day is such a special day and you want to make it unique and unforgettable for everyone to remember. As a wedding DJ company, we see hundreds of weddings every year, so here are five easy ways to make your wedding not like everyone else's. We include decor ideas, entertainment for your guests, and fun food/drink stations that we rarely see! After reading this you'll be a pro at planning an awesome and unique wedding!


Whether you are having 20 people or 200, there's always a way you can make your wedding a little bit cheaper, and if money isn't an issue it's still nice to have a DIY project to make your decor more unique and personal. This can be hanging lights like in the photo above, creating a sign to welcome your guests, or making party favors after your guests leave so they have something to remember your wedding by. Etsy is the go-to place to get DIY ideas and buy the decor you need. This is completely unique to you, so have fun with it and make it something you and your partner cherish. Welcome signs are great because it can have your names or a funny saying you both resinate with.

2. Remember to Entertain Your Guests

Get your guests involved, they're part of your big day too! Your guests are an important part of your day, you don't want them sitting around until the next big moment. Use the outdoors to your advantage if you can, by having games during cocktail hour like corn hole, can jam, and remembering to use the DIY decor as activities too, so your guests have multiple things to do while they wait. If you aren't outside, no worries! This is where photo booths and other entertainment can come in handy. Black Tie Entertainment has Photo Booths, Gify Booths and DJs that can interact with the crowd, so there's never a dull moment.

3. A Bar - Not Just For Drinks

Think outside the box, a bar doesn't have to be just for drinks. Get creative and get a dessert bar, a smore's bar, or even a plant bar. Make this a station where your guests create their own desserts, plants or any arts and craft idea that you think would be fun! Get the kids involved too! If you want it more for drinks, make a mimosa station or a beer bar where they can grab their own drinks. Or if it's a little bit chillier out, create a hot chocolate or hot cider station, perfect for the fall! It's more fun for your guests than just waiting for a drink to be made. This can also be cheaper so you don't have to hire a full bar staff.

4. Frame the Ceremony

The ceremony is the best way to show off your style and start off the right foot with your guests. Make sure you lead them to the ceremony site and have signs so they know where to go (this goes back to the DIY idea!). Flowers aren't just for center pieces, incorporate them as the style that represents you by displaying flowers on the ceremony arch or frame.

5. Give Welcome/Thank You Goodie Bags

Giving welcome or thank you goodie bags can show your appreciation to your guests that you are glad that they could attend and make them feel valued. These can be filled with special bakery items, waters, umbrellas or anything that you think they may need during the day. Think of the kind of weather you will have that day, or something special for the girls and guys. You can give compact mirrors with powder for the ladies and cool sunglasses for the guys.

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