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Don’t Forget About the Ceremony

Updated: May 6, 2020

Photo by Amelia Lawrence Weddings

You’re planning away. You’ve secured the venue, the florist, the photographer, maybe even your DJ/MC. Things are going great, BUT…what about the all important ceremony? After all, this once in a lifetime day wouldn’t be happening if you weren’t getting married and therefore having a wedding.

I can’t begin to tell you how many brides I’ve spoken with who haven’t given their ceremony a single thought (outside of knowing where it was going to be and who was going to officiate it).

If you’re having your ceremony at a church, you won’t need a lot of this information. The church staff and clergy should assist you with sound and music as well as helping you to plan the ceremony. But, if you’re planning to have the wedding at the same location as the reception, listen up.

Here’s the scoop…

In addition to lining up a celebrant, you need to think about the wedding logistics. The biggest complaint we hear in the office from former guests at a ceremony is that they couldn’t hear. And come on, this is what it’s really all about, isn’t it? Don’t you want all of your friends and family who have given their time to celebrate with you to be able to hear? This is a simple fix...

A clip-on lapel microphone for the celebrant will pick up his or hers remarks as well as your vows.

Hmmm…how’s the mic going to work? Well, of course you’ll need a small sound system. This system will also be used for the music throughout the ceremony.

Okay, so where do you get/rent this and who’s going to run it? Well, if you’ve hired one of our DJ/MCs, we can help out. More than half of our brides are choosing to use their DJ for the ceremony as well. It might sound a little weird at first, but let me explain.

Our DJs are trained planners

They know how to help you with the timeline. They have plenty of gear so will bring a second sound system, the clip-on microphone (and another microphone if needed for a soloist or reader), and will run the music for you. They’ll even do a sound and microphone check with the celebrant ahead of time. These services will greatly reduce pre-ceremony stress.

If you’re thinking about having live musicians for the service, check with them to see if they are able to provide the necessary amplification. If not, you may still want to consider utilizing the DJ/MC to bring a sound system and microphone.

The biggest thing to remember is to think about it and plan for it and don’t wait until the last minute. It’s the most important day of your life – make sure your family and friends are able to share in it with you!

Setup a meeting with one of our highly-skilled booking agents to get this experience and so much more from Black Tie Entertainment's professional entertainers.

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