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2020 Trends for Winter Weddings

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

So, you had to postpone your wedding, now what? There is good news! Now you may have more time to work on the details you didn't think about before, and possibly have a little more in your budget since a few more months have been added.

Here are a few unique winter wedding trends that you might want to incorporate into your wedding theme. #WInterWeddingTrends

Nature Decor

Now that minimalism is becoming more popular, keeping things simple can make a wedding ceremony and reception more elegant. The saying "less is more" really does apply here, so think of including more natural decor pieces like greenery in bouquets, wood and pine cone accent details to enhance the space. #WeddingDecor

Drip Cakes and Dessert Stations

Drip cakes are becoming more on trend, and properly so. This unique staple will be sure to set you apart from every other wedding!

Dessert stations can also be unique to you and you significant other. Desserts are a key element at a wedding, and hot chocolate stations are perfect for the winter. Some other great dessert ideas can be donut or cupcake stations. These are somewhat typical now, but the hot chocolate station is definitely something new! A hot apple cider station is another warm and cozy drink idea. This puts a spin on the typical coffee station. #

Set the Mood with Lighting

Winter is the darkest season of the year, which means you will most likely need lighting. Having a winter wedding can be cozy and warm when decorating with lights. Include them in your reception decor on the tables for your guests, and they will certainly feel all the cozy vibes. This is also a great opportunity to light up your reception around the room with uplighting.

Black Tie Entertainment has uplighting to complete any reception area. This will make your reception look more upscale and add a little more depth to the room. You can pick any colors you want; we usually recommend your colors or the color amber to replicate a candle-like atmosphere.


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