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Black Tie in 2018!

Every year in this business, especially after the holiday season, we see new brides and new grooms coming to us for help. They need help because they just got engaged and don't know where to start with finding the right DJ. They need help because they have heard great things about our work and would love some expert advice. They need help because, well, we all need help when we are doing something we don't know much about. Can you relate?

Our clients come to us with great questions and leave us with amazing compliments. Does that sound like something you want? A company that listens and informs like a true partner should is how we feel about Black Tie and so do our fans which you can see in our REVIEWS.

But where do you and your fiancé begin with finding the right DJ? What can you expect from "just another DJ company" and why would you both need to consider Black Tie the right choice over anyone else? Well, let me give you some reasons that may help if you are in the starting block just like so many people before you.



We love our new clients. I mean it. We love them. At Black Tie, you'll find a very helpful office team dedicated at making your big day as special as it can possibly be. Our sales staff offers tailored recommendations based on what you need and don't need, but we never oversell you. Everything we offer comes from a place of love and understanding of what you are trying to achieve.



We have been doing this for 40 years which is no small thing in the wedding industry. That experience has helped us earn long term clients and great relationships within the industry. We know of no other company in Virginia that is recommended more than Black Tie. You can trust our experience will be on display for your big day.



Picking any vendor for your wedding can be daunting. Who should you pick and why? How about take that stress out of DJ selection process and let us match you to the right one. We have over 25 DJs that are full of different personalities, skills, and experience. We will find the right one for you just like those online dating sites.



Maybe you don't like the idea of us choosing your DJ because you know what you like when you see it. That's why we have an amazing event called MEET THE DJ NIGHT which allows you to see our DJs in a wedding environment that you can judge for yourself. All of this is offered in a sales-free environment that is more fun than you might think. Check it out here.



Is price the biggest factor for you and if not, then why lead with that question when you speak to vendors? Because that's what we know as consumers. We base everything we buy off of price including cars, college, and wedding vendors. Just like the other things you buy, though, there should be value in the number. That's where we come in.​


Plan B

What happens at your wedding if your DJ doesn't show? Will it ruin the day or even cause you frustration? If so, then feel confident that Black Tie is there for you with our on call back-up DJ program. Life happens and we are here to enjoy the ride, but not at your expense. We cover your day with a trained professional that has access to your event information. We are there for you just like you expect us to be.


Honestly, all of these reasons don't mean a thing unless you love what we do and how we do it. If you are interested in giving us a shot, then you can SEE MORE HERE when you are ready.

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