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Black Tie Entertainment - DJ James Harris



Meet James, the ultimate music maestro who strives to bring life to every party.  A versatile and passionate DJ for over 25 years, James has mastered the art of keeping the crowd engaged and entertained throughout the night.  He has worked weddings and all styles of private parties across New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina and is known for his cool and calm demeanor which puts you at ease while he works his magic. With his extensive knowledge of music and his natural ability to read the room, James delivers unforgettable sets that are tailored to the energy of your guests.  Get ready to dance the night away as James brings his ability to blend your music style with his experience in order to take your party to the next level!


  • DJ/Master of Ceremonies

  • DJ since: 1992

  • Music knowledge: Familiar and able to play all major music styles

James Harris

James Harris

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