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Black Tie Entertainment - DJ Angelica Jones



After serving many different families from many walks of life I’ve learned that there are so many beautiful things that make each one of us unique. At any given moment there are also things we all can relate to. The most dynamic forces that bring us all together to relate and enjoy our differences are love and music.

As a DJ I get to help friends and families commemorate growth together and openly show their love for one another in celebration! Watching these moments unfold organically is what brings me the most joy as a DJ. I am driven each time I meet a new client to learn about what will make their experience unforgettable. Ultimately, my favorite part is seeing it all come together, getting the dance floor as packed as possible, and watching everyone have a great time!


  • DJ/Master of Ceremonies

  • DJ since: 2014

  • Music knowledge: Familiar and able to play all major music styles

Angelica Jones

Angelica Jones

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